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Being a neurodivergent adult comes with its own set of complexities and strengths. At Mind Team, our tailored neuropsychological services are designed to support and empower neurodivergent adults in navigating life’s intricacies with confidence and clarity

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Do You Need Neurodivergent Testing or Support as an Adult?

Understanding one’s own mind can be a transformative journey, especially for neurodivergent adults who may have gone undiagnosed in their earlier years. Here are some signs that you might benefit from our neuropsychological testing and support:

  • Previous Diagnosis: You’ve received a neurodivergent diagnosis in the past, but you’re seeking a deeper understanding or an updated evaluation.
  • Workplace Struggles: Consistent challenges in organizing tasks, meeting deadlines, or collaborating with colleagues.
  • Social Interactions: Feeling regularly misunderstood in social situations, difficulty reading social cues, or challenges in maintaining relationships.
  • Routine Dependency: Feeling distressed or out of sorts when daily routines are disrupted.
  • Attention Concerns: Persistent difficulty maintaining focus on tasks or easily becoming sidetracked.
  • Sensory Sensitivities: Feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable with specific sounds, lighting, or textures, often more intensely than others.
  • Learning or Skill Development: Encountering recurrent hurdles when trying to acquire new skills or knowledge.

If any of these signs feel familiar, it may be beneficial to explore tailored neuropsychological testing and interventions. We’re committed to helping you navigate your unique neurodivergent journey.

Adult Testing Options 

Adult ADHD Testing

Our evaluation pinpoints challenges related to attention and impulsivity in adults, paving the way for accurate diagnosis and personalized interventions.

Learning Differences Testing (Coming Soon)

Our add-on testing specializes in deep dives into reading (dyslexia), math (dyscalculia), and writing (dysgraphia). If you face challenges in these foundational areas, this evaluation is invaluable. 

Testing Packages for Adults




  • Full ADHD evaluation for adult
  • 1 Assessment Appointment
  • 1 Feedback Appointment
  • Full Report with summary, history, data, diagnoses, recommendations, and next steps.

What Sets Us Apart 

Personalized Support 

We don’t offer generic assessments or cookie-cutter solutions. Our clients receive tailor-made evaluations, catered to their individual needs. 

Expertise & Innovation 

Our blend of experienced psychologists and state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate and efficient evaluations. 

Whole-Journey Support 

Our support doesn’t end with testing. We’re your all-in-one solution, offering tools, insights, and ongoing support to ensure every client thrives. 

Accessible Anywhere 

Experience the convenience and flexibility of our remote services. No matter where you are, Mind Team is ready to support and guide you on your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our straightforward testing process for adults begins with a pre-assessment intake interview to understand your background, history, and concerns. Based on this, your clinician will guide you to the most suitable Mind Team test. On your testing day, all you need is a private space with a stable internet connection for your remote session with our clinician. After thorough evaluation by our team, we schedule a virtual review meeting to discuss results, and potential diagnoses, and provide recommendations for the next steps in your journey. This process includes an initial 15-minute consultation.

You’ll be paired with a licensed Mind Team clinician. This expert is selected based on their experience and specialty, ensuring it aligns with your individual needs from our multidisciplinary team.

The duration varies. Our assessments are personalized based on your background and specific concerns. However, we’ll ensure you have a clear idea of what to expect before the test.

Mind Team can re-evaluate previous diagnoses. If you’re confident in your existing diagnosis and looking for expert guidance on what the best next steps are, we offer a range of interventions and support services.

It’s entirely possible for someone to show traits without meeting all the criteria for a diagnosis. Determining what you don’t have can be as crucial as pinpointing a specific condition, guiding us toward the most effective intervention approach.

With Mind Team, our commitment is to provide thorough and professional assessments. Your investment includes:

  • In-depth intake interview
  • Testing materials and professional evaluator costs
  • Test administration and scoring
  • Comprehensive review of records, background, and history
  • Interpretation of findings
  • Collaborative consultation within our multidisciplinary team
  • Detailed report preparation and review

No referral is required. Since Mind Team tests are out-of-pocket expenses, there’s no need to wait for referrals, which are often mandated by insurance providers.

Currently, we offer our services to those in states highlighted in dark blue on this coverage map.

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