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Testing and treatment for anyone with autism, ADHD and other learning conditions.

Live and learn without limitation.

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Professional, one-on-one remote testing and treatment services for children and adults with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other neurodivergent conditions.


Diagnose or rule out autism, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety/depression and other conditions and identify key neural differences, strengths and learning styles.


Get a custom treatment plan tailored to your unique strengths, differences and needs with guidance and advocacy from our multidisciplinary team.


Say goodbye to your current limitations and go forward with the information, tools and resources you need to thrive.

Learning is a journey.

We’re your team every step of the way. Simply tell us where you are and we’ll meet you there.

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  • Comprehensive neurodivergent tests.
  • Custom treatment plans.
  • Multidisciplinary support.
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Our remote neurodivergent tests provide all the answers you need.

  • Identify your differences.
  • Discover your strengths.
  • Get ready to tackle your challenges.
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I know my challenges and need support.

Our empowering team is here to provide the professional support you deserve.

  • Find learning styles that work for you.
  • Set up the accommodations you need.
  • Say goodbye to limitations.
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One-on-one remote support.

Our 100% remote tests and treatment services are always conducted by licensed Mind Team clinicians specially chosen to fit your unique needs.

Our remote tests and interventions are available in every PSYPACT state across the country. Click the button below to view the full list of eligible states.

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Every mind deserves a team this good.

Never settle for subpar testing, treatment or support with Mind Team’s superior benefits.


Services conducted by licensed clinicians specially trained to provide the expert evaluation, guidance and support you deserve.


Our tests account for and rule out an exhaustive list of neural differences and conditions to get the most accurate results and diagnoses.


Our clinicians use the highest standards and evidence-based methods, trusted by state assistance programs, schools, educators, employers and doctors.


Mind Team remote services are easy to schedule and complete all from the comfort of your own home, no referral necessary.


Rather than trying to “fix” your mind, we’ll help you learn to work with your unique abilities and differences and advocate to get you the accommodations you need to conquer your challenges and thrive.


Our multidisciplinary team ensures you’ll never have to worry about relaying information from one provider to another.


Payment Options

With transparent, all-inclusive pricing and no hidden fees, you can trust your Mind Team investment will cover all the answers and support you need.

Frequently asked questions

Are Mind Team services available in all states?

Mind Team testing and treatment services are currently available to individuals residing in the states highlighted in dark blue on this coverage map.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Mind Team services are suited for children four and up to any age.

Do you have payment plans?

We do everything in our power to ease the burden of paying out of pocket for Mind Team learning assessments and treatment. View our payment options to learn more.

Can I still get support without an official learning disorder diagnosis?

Yes! All learners can benefit from the transformative learning assessment and treatment services at Mind Team, with or without an official diagnosis.

What does neurodivergent mean?

A neurodivergent individual is someone whose brain functions differently from typical individuals. This can affect one’s attention span, decision making, problem solving and many other cognitive functions that affect learning and life in general.

ADHD, autism and dyslexia are all examples of neurodiversity, but it’s important to note not all neurodivergent individuals have a diagnosable learning disorder.

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