ADHD Testing for Children & Adults 

Struggling with focus and impulsivity or are you always on the move? Whether you are looking for answers for yourself or your child, our ADHD testing provides an evaluation for better understanding and personalized care.

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Our Remote ADHD Testing Services

Dive deep into the intricacies of attention and focus with our ADHD testing services, designed for both children and adults. We aim to provide clarity, ensuring every individual understands their unique cognitive patterns and leverages them for personal growth and success.

Children ADHD Testing 

Designed for children four and older, this assessment identifies ADHD symptoms, ensuring early intervention and support for better academic and social outcomes.

Adult ADHD Testing 

Catered for the unique challenges faced by adults, this evaluation tests for ADHD symptoms, helping individuals to understand and grow with their unique minds and set of strengths. 

ADHD Testing Packages




  • Full ADHD evaluation for children
  • 1 Assessment Appointment
  • 1 Feedback Appointment
  • Full Report with summary, history, data, diagnoses, recommendations, and next steps.




  • Full ADHD evaluation for adult
  • 1 Assessment Appointment
  • 1 Feedback Appointment
  • Full Report with summary, history, data, diagnoses, recommendations, and next steps.

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We don’t offer generic assessments or cookie-cutter solutions. Our clients receive tailor-made evaluations, catered to their individual needs. 

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Our blend of experienced psychologists and state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate and efficient evaluations. 

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Our support doesn’t end with testing. We’re your all-in-one solution, offering tools, insights, and ongoing support to ensure every client thrives. 

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Experience the convenience and flexibility of our remote services. No matter where you are, Mind Team is ready to support and guide you on your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ADHD tests are designed to pinpoint and understand attentional challenges, executive functioning challenges, impulsivity, and other related behaviors. This insight helps us to craft individualized strategies and support services tailored to the unique needs of each person.

While ADHD is often diagnosed in childhood, many adults either go undiagnosed in their younger years or develop symptoms later in life. Our services cater to both children and adults, ensuring accurate diagnosis and support at any age.

The core principles are similar, but the tests are tailored to age-specific challenges and manifestations of ADHD. Children’s tests often focus on school and social challenges, while adult evaluations might delve deeper into workplace issues, daily task management, and relationships.

Yes, individuals with ADHD can sometimes experience challenges with working memory, which affects how they hold and process information. Our memory screening is designed to assess these capabilities and understand their relation to ADHD.

Executive functioning refers to the set of cognitive processes used for planning, organizing, and completing tasks. In ADHD, these skills can be impacted, which can manifest as challenges in time management, task initiation, and more.

ADHD isn’t just about inattention or hyperactivity; it can also involve emotional dysregulation. This evaluation helps us understand emotional responses, behavioral patterns, and their correlation with potential ADHD symptoms.

Once diagnosed, we provide tailored recommendations for interventions, therapies, or strategies. This can include academic accommodations for children, workplace adaptations for adults, or techniques to improve daily living, focusing on leveraging strengths and addressing challenges.

Currently, we offer our services to those in states highlighted in dark blue on this coverage map.

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