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Learning Differences Testing for Children & Adults

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Our Remote Learning Differences Testing Services

Navigating academic challenges requires clarity and understanding. Our Learning Differences Testing Services provide a targeted psychoeducational assessment for children or adults, pinpointing specific struggles in reading, writing, or math to ensure tailored support and strategies for thriving at school or work. 

Reading/Dyslexia Testing

Dyslexia often manifests as challenges in word recognition, poor spelling, and difficulty decoding words. This test identifies these signs, examining struggles in reading fluently and comprehending written content, guiding the next steps for intervention.

Math/Dyscalculia Testing

Those with dyscalculia frequently face difficulties understanding numbers, miscounting, and trouble with basic arithmetic operations. Our assessment highlights these specific struggles, offering a clearer picture of one’s mathematical abilities and areas that need attention.

Writing/Dysgraphia Testing

Dysgraphia can result in poor handwriting, inconsistent spacing, and difficulties organizing thoughts on paper. Through this test, we pinpoint these challenges, helping to understand an individual’s writing difficulties and the potential ways to address them.

Learning Differences Testing Packages



Add-on with Child ADHD Complete Testing Package includes:

  • Additional 60-90 minutes to Assessment Appointment
  • Confirms or rules out learning disorder
  • Recommendations based on learning disorders to be used by both parents and schools



Add-on with Adult ADHD Complete Testing Package includes:

  • Additional 60-90 minutes to Assessment Appointment
  • Confirms or rules out learning disorder
  • Recommendations based on learning disorders to be used by both individuals and schools

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Learning Differences Testing services cater to both children and adults. It’s never too early or too late to gain insights into one’s academic challenges.

Absolutely! We can customize a testing package for you or your child if multiple areas of concern exist. We also offer comprehensive psychoeducational tests that assess performance and abilities across a variety of subject areas, including reading, writing, and math. 

Yes. Our tests can provide a more in-depth understanding for those previously diagnosed or confirm a diagnosis if there’s uncertainty.

All of our specialists are licensed professionals with expertise in psychoeducational testing and interventions. They undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest methods and tools in the field.

Absolutely. Our comprehensive reports are recognized by educational institutions and workplaces. They can be used to request reasonable accommodations or services to support individual learning or working needs.

While our Learning Differences Tests can help pinpoint specific academic areas where individuals with conditions like autism or ADHD may face challenges, they are not designed to diagnose these conditions. For those seeking diagnostic evaluations for such conditions, Mind Team offers specialized assessments specifically tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of these neurodivergent conditions.

Currently, we offer our services to those in states highlighted in dark blue on this coverage map.

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